Who We Are

Florida House Institute (FHI) is working to promote and advance sustainable practices that improve the quality of life for people in Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Because our choices and actions matter today and will for generations to come, we are committed to changing the way we understand, adapt, and create a desirable community.


The Mission of Florida House Institute is to inspire environmental stewardship and enhance our quality of life through exploration, design, and action.


Florida House Institute envisions engaged communities where sustainability and innovation transform the way we live, work and play.


Sustainability: We believe in sustainable community development and the preservation, conservation, and protection of our natural resources to ensure that they endure for generations to come. Partnership: We believe collaboration makes us stronger and we can achieve infinitely more when we work in concert with others.

Continuous Improvement: We believe real systemic change can be achieved through our capacity to learn and adapt to new information.

Trust: We believe that through stewardship of our community’s resources we build confidence and strong relationships.

Inclusive Engagement: We respect and value the unique qualities and perspectives of each person in our community. We believe bringing different voices together enables us to create more effective solutions that are more representative of the communities we serve.

Leadership: We believe in continuously developing as an organization so that we may offer guidance and direction that creates meaningful change in our community.