Who We Are

The Florida House Institute’s demonstration house and surrounding landscape integrates scientific principles and sustainable living practices. When we align land development and management with innovative sustainable design, we are demonstrating how valuable natural resources can be conserved and quality of life improved. Today we are living in a complex world bombarded by challenges. This requires innovative solutions and community involvement to convert those challenges into opportunities. Over the years, working with communities, FHI has developed a set of tools to engage citizens, helping them understand complex systems and to foster collaboration.

The Florida House Institute’s mission to inspire environmental stewardship and enhance quality of life through exploration, design, and action  explains why the organization exists. The vision—engaged communities where sustainability and innovation transform the way we live, work and play  serves as a bold promise for the future. This strategic plan is meant to serve as a roadmap, a living document that will be updated and evaluated along the way. At the heart of this plan are the organization’s program goals. The programs are intended to operationalize the mission and are delivered in order to move the community towards realizing our shared vision.

The Board of Directors and staff of Florida House Institute are proud to present this 2017-2020 strategic plan to the community. It is through a collaborative partnership that FHI will achieve the following goals by 2020:

  • Contribute to continuous improvement to our communities through vision-based planning and action networks;
  • Innovatively enhance and expand education and enrichment programming to reach a larger audience and achieve greater impact;
  • Increase operational stability through a diverse and sustainable business model;
  • Increase public awareness and engagement that advances the mission of Florida House Institute;
  • Improve the administration and operations through talent acquisition and management including the adoption of strategies which create a productive work climate; and
  • Cultivate a high functioning and effective Board of Directors, whose members serve as bridge builders to create supportive and influential relationships for the organization

Please join FHI; together we can create a community where sustainability and innovation transform the way we live, work and play.